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Flux Protocol


    Flux is a cross-chain oracle aggregator that provides smart contracts with access to economically secure data feeds on anything.

    Every component of the protocol is designed to be maximally open-source, permissionless, and trustless, enabling individuals and communities to design and develop bespoke solutions for data provision and retrieval.

    Flux is supported and developed by the Open Oracle Association, a Swiss Non-Profit entity with the sole purpose of supporting the ecosystem through the distribution of grants both in monetary means through USDC and the Flux Token.

    Flux offers two types of Oracles, the First Party Oracle (FPO), and the Third Party Oracle (TPO). Currently, Flux has deployed both Oracles on the NEAR network, and the FPO on the Aurora network & Aurora testnet.

    If you are a DeFi protocol looking to get price pairs on these networks, we recommend you start on the FPO, as we have onboarded some of the highest quality data providers in DeFi and are temporarily subsidizing their fees for you!

    The Flux Oracle is a decentralized, cross-chain oracle that aggregates economically-backed data, resolved by a network of validators and created among a community-curated registry of requesters for all to utilize on-chain.

    Requesters requiring use of the validator network are curated by the governing Flux DAO to create domain-specific data requests with parameters set along a security/speed gradient depending on the data requirements.

    To resolve data requests, validators stake granuarily on what data they want to provide and earn rewards by providing accurate outcomes.
    Malicious actors are disincentivized by having their associated stakes slashed for an outcome that the network deems inaccurate and rejects.