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AvaiNu Means Available Now!

AvaiNu (pronounced ‘avenue’) is changing how we search, find and book appointments with service providers.

AvaiNu is a booking app for virtually all services. You can search and find a currently available service provider in your desired location and book appointments using the AvaiNu app on your smart phone. This innovative platform helps you get things done instantly when and where you need it. If you are a service professional (whether in healthcare, home, auto or personal care services) AvaiNu enables you to maximize income and time. Let clients find and book you on AvaiNu.

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AvaiNu Means Efficiency

AvaiNu is a real-time booking app for service providers and clients. It is the new way to search, find, book appointments and connect instantly.

AvaiNu is for Everyone

AvaiNu is the new way to search, find, connect and book appointments with available service providers in real-time. Whether you have an urgent need, are traveling away from home or simply have some downtime and want to be productive, AvaiNu helps you to get things done instantly. This revolutionary app is free, easy and quick to use.

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AvaiNu is for Service Professionals

AvaiNu is the ultimate booking and search app for everyone who needs your service. Maximize your time, income and client base. Minimize your downtime and overhead cost. AvaiNu is quick and easy to use. Register and download it today.

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