Maker DAO

The Maker Protocol is the platform through which anyone, anywhere can generate the Dai stablecoin against crypto collateral assets.
MakerDAO is a decentralized organization dedicated to bringing stability to the cryptocurrency economy.
The Maker Protocol employs a two-token system.
The first being, Dai, a collateral-backed stablecoin that offers stability.
The Maker Foundation and the MakerDAO community believe that a decentralized stablecoin is required to have any business or individual realize the advantages of digital money.
Second, there is MKR, a governance token that is used by stakeholders to maintain the system and manage Dai.MKR token holders are the decision-makers of the Maker Protocol, supported by the larger public community and various other external parties.

Maker is unlocking the power of decentralized finance for everyone by creating an inclusive platform for economic empowerment; enabling everyone with equal access to the global financial marketplace.

With the new version of the Maker Protocol, Multi Collateral Dai (MCD), being released and live on the main Ethereum network, we wanted to go over a few of the changes and features that it comes with.
The biggest change to the Maker Protocol is that it now accepts any Ethereum-based asset as collateral to generate Dai given that it has been approved by MKR holders and has been given specific, corresponding Risk Parameters through the Maker decentralized governance process.
Metaverse Network


Metus is a community-run SocialFi Network, where each participant can easily monetize their data, and get rewarded for the activity.

With the growth of social networks to monetize their data has become increasingly difficult, and more and more users become just “silent” observers and “food” to their platforms.
Here we come to the part where we want to explain why Metus, as well as what is the purpose and application of this project?

Metus wants to solve this problem and give everyone a fair start and a wind in their backs, because every start is difficult and not everyone has the same conditions to start digital business.

This is the meaning and goal of this project, that everyone has the right and chance to realize their “ideas” altough this journey has many steps, they wanna to give each individual at least one step on that path, not a stumbling block.

For all those already experienced individuals, businesses and companies who want to skip a few steps, and get the desired results immediately, they will have customized features, where you can rent your advertising space, present your company, application, games etc. Games, VR, NFT, Metaverse (MetaFi) is still a relatively new economy, insufficiently researched and with a potential.

Metus comes with a lot of features, and already they are real refreshment in the crypto space.
Certainly, one of the projects to which special attention should be paid.

It is difficult to sum it all up in one article, so below are links, where you can explore and study the project yourself.
They offer comprehensive documentation, clear goals and high work ethic.
We love it!